After completing basic commercial training at a fiduciary office, I gained valuable experience in various sectors including trust management, trade, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. My subsequent qualification in Business Administration and Controller of the Swiss Institute for Business Studies have given me the necessary background for my practical duties. Ongoing participation in Human Resources, Corporate management seminars and internal courses ensure my professional knowledge is always up-to-date.

For more than 25 years I have worked in Corporate management in the medical and trade sectors as a member of the executive board, member of the board of directors and manager of Finance and Human Resources in an international, multicultural, competitive market environment. As an experienced operational manager, I advise and support companies on all relevant areas in the back office. My core competencies lie in structural organisation, shared service centers, team building, restructuring and personnel development and coaching. International and interdisciplinary collaborations provide me with the necessary vision and understanding to achieve successful partner- and leaderships.

Collina Management AG was founded in October 2016 to provide interim management support services for your company.

Cornelia Wälti
Linkedin: Cornelia Wälti
Member of the board of trustees: Bächtelen
President of the board of directors: Schlössli Biel-Bienne AG
Member of the management board: AFAG Immobilien AG