Sudden shortages, the absence of a manger or the setting-up of a new organisational unit, such challenges are sometimes too big to handle on our own. To stay successful, it’s important to continue meeting day-to-day business requirements and be confident that all the administrative tasks are being carried out reliably behind the scenes. As an interim manager, I will maintain an ongoing and constructive dialogue with you. Through this respectful exchange of ideas, we can define the necessary goals and put them into action until the team is able to successfully manage the tasks on their own. In addition, a neutral outsider’s perspective and fresh input can also bring a breath of fresh air into your business. My work is done as soon as the challenge is overcome and the associated tasks have been sustainably handed over to the existing organisation.


  • Seamless operation, flexible implementation
  • Optimisation of day-to-day operations
  • Crisis and change management experience
  • Sparring partner
  • Sustainable handover of tasks

No lengthy recruitment process, quick and competent solutions, external perspective as well as new impulses, cost transparency and many years of management experience.


  • Extensive management and leadership experience
  • Specialised in finance, human resources and after-sales
  • Operational management that is transparent, sustainable and authentic
  • Change management experience
  • Social skills, perseverance and strong implementation power
  • International activities in multicultural environments

Trust forms the basis for staying focused on economic goals while keeping sight of ethical principles.


Timely fulfilment of your objectives thanks to:

  • Quick comprehension
  • Empathy
  • Passion
  • Determination
  • Assertiveness
  • Endurance